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A little bit about me....

I was inspired to start photography after losing my father to cancer.  I was really beside myself  after his passing and was searching for something to fill the empty void.  He had encouraged me to figure out what I thoroughly enjoyed and pursue making that my life's work.  My father always said that if I did what I loved, I would never truly work.  So, I have always had an interest in photography and loved being artistic...but didn't believe I had what it took to go anywhere with it.


I picked up my camera and started shooting for fun and for myself.  I wasn't very good, but I just loved it!  I did my first family session and really had the most wonderful time and positive feedback.  The reaction from delivering my first session and their awesome response really made me put some thought into actually turning photography into a business.  I took a leap of faith, and after a few months my name was getting out there.  I was booking regularly, upgrading my equipment and before I knew it I was in my own studio.  There was no turning back...my life is now so full of purpose and meaning!

During the work week I run a daycare and am able to be home with my 4  beautiful children. My oldest child is Julianna, she is 14 years old and the light of my life. Next is Jamilynn,  is 9 and she is my wild child, constantly keeping me on my toes.  Jonathan, is 5, my oldest boy...the balance and snuggle buddy I needed in my life.  My fourth and final child is Jameson.  He is exactly what I didn't know I needed.  A wonderful surprise. They are my biggest source of encouragement. The experience I have running my daycare seems to give me an advantage when it comes to working with children.   It takes lots of patience, persistence, and creativity. I have also been happily married to the love of my life for 16 years now, he is my rock and number one supporter. 


I am fully licensed and insured photographer.  I keep my prices reasonable and love giving people a memorable and fun experience.   All images are fully edited and delivered in a high resolution digital format.  You will have rights to make as many copies as you wish. Some packages come with prints, but additional fine art professional prints and products are always available for purchase.  I specialize in maternity and newborn but also offer family, senior portraits, children, birth, lifestyle, fresh 48, head shots, small weddings, engagement, bridal, stylized sessions and boudoir sessions. 

It is such an honor to have clients reach out to me and have me preserve such special moments and times in their lives. Life goes by so quickly and all of those little things you adore about the people you love will change, grow, or vanish before your eyes.  Make the time to capture the here and now.

<3 Amanda

Head Shot Credit: Hazel Eye Photography

Couple Shot Credit: Jennifer Whitney Photography